3 Reasons to Buy Batik Bali

Anyone who visits Bali wishes to bring home something memorable that constantly reminds them of their visit to the island of gods. Bali does have a huge selection of merchandisable keepsakes to offer to its visitors. From purely decorative products like paintings and sculptures to those offering specific functions, everything is available to buy in Bali. One unique product that you can buy in Bali is Batik Bali or Balinese batik. There are three reasons why you should get it when you are in Bali.

It clearly represents Bali.

Unlike many other places in Indonesia, especially Java, Bali originally doesn’t have its unique style of batik until recently. Because batik has become an integral part of Indonesia’s culture, almost all places in Indonesia, especially the ones that previously didn’t recognize batik as their artistic and cultural element, attempt to adopt the art of batik and to discover their unique style of batik. Bali is not an exception. Although batik in Bali is relatively new, it already represents the island’s artistic elements. The batik patterns clearly depict all essential cultural elements of Bali, such as the Barong lion and the artistic fish-themed patterns.

It is still inherently batik.

Just because Batik Bali is new and depicts patterns that are also essentially new, especially if compared with the centuries-old Javanese batik patterns, Balinese batik is still characteristically batik. It is made using the same fabric and batik-making procedure. Wax and natural dyes are still used during the production and the patterns are drawn using the hand-painting method. There are indeed screen-printed batik products available, but they are considered of lower quality. In a nutshell, when you buy Balinese batik, you buy a real batik fabric with a Balinese touch.

It is beautiful and comfortable to wear.

The batik fabric and clothing that you buy from Batik Denpasar maker has a nice look that combines the artistic technique of batik painting and the exotic traditional Balinese patterns. This combination is a rarity that you can hardly see unless you buy Balinese batik. High-quality batik products are made from soft and breathable cotton that is comfortable and cool to wear. Although the fabric may feel stiff when you first touch it due to the use of wax during the production, it will gradually become softer as you wear it. If you are looking for a memento that is both beautiful to look at and has a certain function that you can benefit from, buying Batik Bali is a good idea.

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