Bali Batik’s Pattern and Its Meaning

Bali is a popular island of Indonesia which lots of tourists choose it as holiday destination. Along with Bali, Batik becomes popular as traditional and unique cloth of Indonesia which tourists especially foreigners start to admit its beauty and buy batik as a souvenir. But, when talking about batik, most people will look Java as the place to look for it. But, while enjoying the holiday in Bali, looking batik as souvenirs also can be done in Bali itself. Bali already has its own unique batik patterns so tourists with limited time no need to travel to Java. These are some popular batik patterns originated from Bali

Ulamsari Mas Batik

Ulamsari Mas is considered as most famous batik pattern in Bali. It is a representative of Bali’s people profession, fisherman. Ulamsari Mas Batik pattern shows the figure of fish as well as shrimps. It symbolizes the welfare and well-being of Bali’s people who lived in the coastal area. This pattern also reflects the Bali’s natural wealth.

Buketan Batik or Bouquet Batik

Bali’s batik also got influence on other country’s culture. Buketan Batik which it gets its name from bouquet in French is a pattern that illustrates flowers bouquet. Buketan batik pattern contains flowers or little plants that arranged along the cloth. It also contains other decorative elements like butterflies, swans, birds and groves to add the aesthetic of the pattern.

Singa Barong Batik

In the Javanese and Balinese culture, barong has meaning of miracle, while singa is lion in English. The miracle of lion can be seen from the combination of many animals and mythical animals. Singa barong is the combination of lion (body and foot), garuda (wing), elephant (trunk) and dragon (grinning mouth with its tongue sticking out). Singa Barong batik pattern symbolize the might and courage.

Merak Abyorhokokai Batik

While Buketan batik takes its inspiration from France, Merak Abyorhokokai batik pattern is inspired from Japan. This batik is quite popular in Indonesia since it pictures peacock in it. Along with peacock, it also pictures flowers petals that resembling sakura flowers. Merak Abyorhokokai batik symbolizes the beauty of Bali.

Penari Bali Batik or Balinese Dancer Batik

There are lots of dance in Bali, whether it is ritual, culture, ceremonial or welcoming dance. So, Balinese batik makers want to introduce them to the world through batik pattern. It illustrates a dancer that demonstrating one of Balinese dance. Balinese Dancer batik is usually worn by female dancer.

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