Balinese Batik Charm And The Wonderful Motifs

The charm of Batik Bali is increasingly felt now. Many foreign tourists and regional tourists who come to see firsthand how the unique motifs and patterns that exist in the famous batik art with abstract motifs and freedom of expression. Well here are some types of Balinese batik motifs, which you can make a reference.

Pisan Balinese Batik / Banana Jagatan

Batik Pisan Bali, or often also known as the Bali Banana batik motif. This type of Balinese batik motif will certainly be very suitable for you who have a boyfriend or partner. Why? Because Pisan Balinese batik is often used for gifts to couples who will be traveling, with the intention that their partners will return safely. This Balinese batik motif means hope, prayer, and safety.

Batik Singa Barong

Bali Barong batik motifs can be the most unique batik motifs in Batik Denpasar ever. As the name implies, Balinese Singa Barong batik elevates the mythical creature of Barong which is believed by the Balinese people. Batik Bali Singa Barong means miracle, strength, and might.

Batik Ulam Sari Mas

The Ulamsari Mas batik motif is one of the most well-known types of Balinese batik motifs. This Balinese batik motif shows pictures of fish and shrimp that represent the livelihoods of Balinese people, namely fishermen. The Ulamsari Mas batik motif means the welfare and prosperity of the people who live in the coastal areas.

Batik Merak Abyorhokokai 

From the name, this type of Balinese batik motif is certainly rather complicated and unfamiliar but still can be the best idea for Souvenirs Denpasar. However, the actual Balinese Abyor Hokokai Peacock batik motif is quite well known in Indonesia and the motif is also very distinctive with Indonesian culture namely the Peacock. This motif illustrates the beauty of peacocks, which means the beauty of the island of the Gods. Interesting facts behind this one Balinese Batik motif is actually, this batik motif was inspired by Japan.

Batik Buketan

Who said Batik Class cannot be influenced by outside cultures? The proof is, Balinese batik Buketan got influence from France as well. Batik Bali Buketan gets its name from the French language that is Bouquet or flower arrangements. Same as the name, this Balinese batik also illustrates flowers and plants. Sometimes also found a bird or butterfly motif as a small decoration on this one Balinese batik motif.

So, that was the motifs of Batik Bali, as you can see every motif has its own character and uniqueness. So, which batik will you make as your precious Bali Souvenirs?

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