Batik Bali as an Attraction

Batik Bali not only becomes one of the most favored Bali souvenirs for everyone who happens to visit Bali. It also offers some kind of attraction in the form of batik-making activity. if you are in Bali, you can buy the attractive Balinese batik that you can add to your exotic apparel collection, but if you expect a more exciting attractions, you can join a batik class in Bali to learn every stage of the batik-making procedure.

Why Should You Buy Balinese Batik?

There are several reasons why you should get this exotic Balinese garment.

  1. You are in Indonesia.

When you are in Bali, you are in Indonesia, a country known as the origin of batik. There are various batik styles that can be found in Indonesia because almost every major cultural center in all of Indonesia’s major islands has its own unique batik style. Therefore, when you buy Balinese batik, you are buying one of the best Bali souvenirs that clearly represent Bali and the country it is located in.

  • You are buying a versatile wearable.

Batik is considered a versatile garment because it can be worn in both casual and formal occasions. The material from which it is made is soft and comfortable, making it a perfect alternative for your shirt. You can wear it when partying, working, and attending any events with any themes.

  • It is Ubiquitous.

Finding Balinese batik is very easy because batik shops can be found in virtually every part of the island. These shops become even more ubiquitous if you are in the hottest tourism spots in the southern and southwestern parts of the island. In Denpasar, you only need a couple of taps on your smartphone to find all Batik Denpasar shops that you can reach easily from your hotel.

How to Practice Making Batik?

If shopping is not exciting enough, you can join a batik class and make your batik under the supervision of a professional batik maker. Finding a batik-making class and batik studio is as easy as finding a batik shop, especially if you use your smartphone to find one. Batik-making class will provide you with an exciting experience due to the unique way of making batik. If you never use wax to paint exotic patterns on a piece of fabric before, joining a batik class will be the most satisfying experience that you can ever have while in Bali.

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