Batik Bali for Bali Souvenirs

When it comes to souvenirs, what will come to your mind? Is it keychains? Tote bags? Hats? Clothes? Accessories? Then, what about Batik? Speaking about Batik, Indonesia is known for its Batik. Almost all of the Indonesian people wear Batik most of the time. Batik is used by students every Friday, used by employees, used by teachers, used for formal activities, and many more. Batik in Indonesia comes in many kinds. Each area or city in Indonesia has its own Batik including Bali. Nowadays, Batik has become one of the most popular Bali souvenirs.

Batik in Bali

Even though most of the people only know Batik from Java Island, Batik also develops in Bali these days. It even grows rapidly even more due to the arrival of the tourists. Of course, this affects the Batik industry in Bali. Moreover, the people in Bali have been used to develop their creativity.

The growth of the Batik industry also increases due to Bali becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Many tourists, be it locals or internationals, come to Bali to enjoy their vacation. This kind of thing then becomes the reason why Batik Bali becomes one of the most sought Bali souvenirs.

Generally, Batik with great quality usually shows the social status of someone in society. This is the same as when we wear something from a famous designer. The thing is, the quality of Batik in Bali is at the top-tier. This is because the people in Bali want to try to show good quality by showing their creativity and the culture of Bali. That is why Batik Bali is made straight by the hand of the artist of Batik. Also, because of the richness of the arts and culture of Bali, Batik in Bali is full of meanings and stories.

The Motifs

With that being said, Batik in Bali has a lot of motifs. Most of the motifs are about the culture, nature, and gods in Bali. There are at least five motifs of Batik Bali that you can buy for Bali souvenirs. 

The famous motifs in Batik Bali are the motif of Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai which shows the beauty of Peacock, the motif of Batik Bali Penari Bali which shows the Balinese dancers, the motif of Batik Bali Singa Barong which shows the culture of Bali, the motif of Batik Bali Ulam Sari Mas which shows the nature of Bali, the motif of Batik Bali Buketan which is full of flowers.

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