Batik Bali Is the Right Bali Souvenirs for Tourists

Batik is a cultural heritage from Indonesia. It is also a traditional cloth of Indonesia. The cloth is meaningful and precious because it is handmade. Some areas in Indonesia are popular to be the distributors and original makers of batik. Now, you can move to your choice for Bali. Batik Bali can be a good choice for Batik. It can be a souvenir while visiting Bali. 

Accents of Batik Bali 

The beauty of Batik Bali starts to be famous in Indonesia. It can be an excellent option for being a traditional souvenir. Accents of batik Bali are different from every batik cloth. It is given in every motif and pattern of Batik Bali where it is not the same as big as the other. 

Types of Batik Bali Cloth 

Another beauty of batik Bali is its motifs and patterns. The making process of batik Bali can be followed when you join in a batik class. You will know how to make batik in that class. Batik Bali uses different cloth from other areas in Indonesia. The weight of the cloth is extremely different from the Javanese batik. Of course, it can be a comparison before buying this batik. 

Combinations of Traditional and Modern Motifs 

The combination of traditional and modern motifs also becomes the beauty of this batik. It is uniquely applied in batik Bali. You will see it on every batik cloth. It is called a typical Balinese pattern list such as dragon, turtle, birds, deer, and heron on the handmade batik Bali. Besides, the motifs will be matched with modern motifs. The color of batik fabric tends to be modern so that it is completely beautiful applied to Batik Bali. An important thing is the typical Balinese aroma from natural coloring materials to color batik. 

Paying Batik Bali for Souvenirs 

Are you interested in batik Bali? You can grab it fast by coming and visiting its stores. Some stores provide the batik Bali for customers. However, only a few stores are trusted to give you the best deal of batik Bali. It must make the batik Bali or has a batik gallery for designers of batik. Handmade batik tends to be precious to bring home to be Bali souvenirs. Then, it needs to collaborate batik from the other souvenirs in both offline and online stores giving various choices for customers. Thus, buy batik Bali in reputable stores selling souvenirs, batik, and handicrafts. 

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