Best Souvenirs to Buy in Bali

When you go on vacation, souvenirs are a must for you to bring, whether for your family, friends, or other dear ones. If you are in Bali or Denpasar and you don’t know what the best Bali souvenirs or souvenirs Denpasar, then see them below.


If you come to Bali, it won’t be complete if you don’t buy Batik because Batik is one of the main characteristics of Indonesia. Balinese Batik is very beautiful and diverse. You can also find Batik from the other parts of Indonesia in Bali. It means that these Batiks got the influence from a certain region of Indonesia. You can find Batik with the Buketan motif, Cuwiri motif, Dutch motif, Contemporary motif, and even Lung-lungan motif is in Bali. Buketan means a bunch of flower. It comes from the word bouquet. This motif is impressive because not only a bunch of flowers but usually birds and butterfly motifs are also added. Cuwiri motif in Bali got inspired by Javanese. It usually uses for a prenatal ceremony, which is called Mitoni (seventh month of women’s first pregnancy) in Javanese. There is also a Dutch motif. It got inspired by the Dutch first coming to Indonesia with a sailboat and beautiful women on it. Contemporary means modern or “in the present time” which means that Batik also follows the times. Lung-lungan Batik is a “spreading” plant motif. It usually depicts flower buds. If you are searching for Batik bags or wallets, of course, there will be many choices of colors and sizes.

Bali Ceramics

You can find it on different shapes, one of them is Balinese dancer boss sculpture. It is really famous that Balinese dance is a dance that is very typical and full of culture.

Wood Carving

You can see the nature by looking at Balinese wood carvings. It usually gives you a lot of shape of wood carving, but the most popular ones is Barong mask. There are other wood carvings, which are the head of Hindu Gods, elephant, chicken-shaped money savings which is a really traditional in Indonesia, or any interesting sculpture made of wood.

Balinese Woven

There is also bracelets or woven bag which can be a reference for your souvenirs. This matting is usually made of bamboo

If you want or are on vacation to Bali, don’t forget to stop by Phalam Batik & souvenirs and get the products above.

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