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Buying Batik Bali

Batik Bali is the traditional fabric in Bali that you can buy as a souvenir when you travel in Bali. There are wide collections of batik Bali you can buy such as batik dresses, sarong batik Bali, and accessories that made from cap handmade or dyed printed batik prints. Batik Class workshop How batik Bali […]


Things to do in Denpasar, Bali

When you visit Bali, there are many reasons you should visit Denpasar. Not only for shopping lovely Bali souvenirs but also there are many interesting things that you can do while in Denpasar. Denpasar is the capital city that is designed with an eclectic mix from traditional and modern architecture. Visit interesting tourist destination in […]


Make Your Own Batik

When we come to a country, one of the things we wish we could do is learn about their culture. If you visit Indonesia, you may know that batik is one of their cultures even it is Indonesian clothes that have its celebration day. If you are into batik and want to learn how to […]


Everything You Need to Know about Bali Batik, Indonesia

As one of the islands in Indonesia, of course, Bali has its own distinctive batik. Batik in Bali pioneered by Pande Ketut Krisna from Tegeha Subvillage, Batubulan Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province in 1970. Balinese people generally wear batik in traditional ceremonial activities and religious rituals. They use it by tying it to […]


All You Need to Know About Batik

Batik has a lot of various patterns and models that you can wear in various events. This Indonesia’s cultural heritage is also popular in other countries. Many popular and influencing figures had worn Batik. For example, Kate Middleton, Nelson Mandela, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, and some others. Korean figures such as Suzy had also worn […]


The Meaning of Popular Batik Patterns

Batik is getting more and more popular nowadays since UNESCO designated it as the world’s cultural heritage on October 2nd, 2009. The word Batik comes from Javanese language: amba which means writing and titik which means dots. So, Batik means writing dots. From thousands of Batik patterns, each of them has its own meaning. Below […]