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Batik Class in Bali

Holiday season is approaching so fast, then have you planned your holiday yet? In case you have not, and still confused to choose the perfect place for your holiday, you should consider Bali as your destination. As we all know that there are a lot of fun things to do such as exploring the beaches, […]


Batik in Bali

In Bali, the very existence of Batik is firstly introduced by Pande Ketut Krisna in 1970. Originally, batik is coming from the word ‘ambatik’ that has a meaning of ‘a cloth with little dots’. Furthermore, the word batik is also originated from Javanese which mean ‘tritik’. Tritik itself is a process of creating batik itself. […]


The History of Batik

If you live in Indonesia, then you will know that Batik is the authentic Indonesian textiles. Commonly, the design of the Indonesian batik is so close to nature such as flowers, leaves, buds, plants, birds, butterflies, peacocks, fishes and many other stuffs that close to nature. Furthermore, when you are in Indonesia, Batik is become […]


The Art of Batik in Bali

Holiday season is coming up around the corner. Have you planned your holiday? In case you haven’t, you should consider Bali as your destination. Why Bali? Because there are a lot of things that you could do there. You could explore the natural beauty of Bali, you could enjoy the traditional culture there. Furthermore, if […]


Types of Balinese Batik based on how they are made

In Bali, dozens of good industries showcase the handicrafts of residents with Balinese designs, having diverse batik designs including several innovative batiks by combining patterns from outside Bali and can even influence the motives of China. The most famous Batik Bali is that which is made by writing or commonly known as written batik. This […]