Correct Batik Storage With Easy Steps

Batik clothes are widely used by many people because of the attractive motifs with good models. However, many people usually make mistakes in storage, so that batik clothes have a decreased quality. A common mistake is often made is to keep batik clothes folded. Basically, batik clothes have rules of care that are different as clothes in general. If the batik clothes are properly maintained, the color and quality of the fabric will last longer. Caring for the right Batik can be done in various ways including:

Make sure the storage area is dry

Batik clothes must be stored in the right place at room temperature that is not too humid. Clothing stored in humid room temperatures can accelerate the damage of clothing fibers, especially batik clothes. Keep the storage area always dry by giving distance to the storage area directly from the wall. Open the storage area occasionally can provide good air circulation to the cupboard.

Try not to keep batik clothes folded

Usually people will fold clothes when they will storage it in the cupboard. However, this rule is not appropriate for batik clothes. Actually batik clothes are more prone to damage when it is not stored in the right conditions. Try to save batik clothes in a dependent condition rather than folded. Hanging can prevent batik clothes from folding longer. If the batik clothes are stored longer in folded condition, Batik will be easily weathered and difficult to eliminate the traces of folds on batik clothes. In addition, the risk of faded motives will tend to be greater. The reason is that the clothes will be folded and become sticky for a long time. When the batik clothes is drawn, the color motif will leave a mark on the other side of the clothes.

Do not give perfume in any form to the clothes

Giving perfume in any form is not recommended to store the batik clothes in the cupboard. Basically, perfume contains harmful chemicals that can damage the motif of batik clothes. The use of perfume directly to batik clothes is also not recommended. The motif on a batik clothes is very easy to fade if it keeps on being exposed to chemicals in perfume.

Wash clothes properly

Washing batik clothes should not use any detergent. Detergents can cause damage to the fabric fibers of batik clothes. Only use special detergent to wash batik clothes. Try not to squeeze batik clothes so hard to keep the motif on Batik. Finally, hang batik clothes in a place that is far from direct sun exposure. If the clothes are dry, make sure not to iron the clothes directly but by covering the batik clothes with a thin cloth.

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