Indonesian Popular Batik Pattern

Batik is undeniably becoming popular and unique cloth originated from Indonesia. The popularity is increased along with the increasing of tourism activity in Indonesia. Most tourists especially foreigner is admiring the unique of batik as part of art and souvenirs, even every batik pattern have meaning. Actually, every region in Indonesia has its own unique pattern which usually came from its own culture and nature. These are lists of popular pattern which are must buy if visiting Indonesia.

Sekar Jagad pattern

One of unique Indonesian batik patterns is Sekar Jagad. It is originated from Yogyakarta. The name Sekar Jagad comes from Javanese which has meaning the beauty that fascinating people who see it. Others also defined Sekar Jagad pattern as pattern that shaped like islands.  

Mega Mendung pattern

Mega Mendung comes from Cirebon, a city in West Java and it becomes icon of Cirebon. As its name suggests, Mega Mendung or in English Cloudy is a batik pattern with clouds patterns. Dark blue, red and green are commonly found in Mega Mendung batik pattern. 

Keraton pattern

Keraton or palace pattern is exclusive pattern originated from Yogyakarta. In the past, only Sultan or king and his family are allowed to use Keraton batik because its pattern is considered sacred, elegant and full of meaning of life. Besides, the Keraton pattern is made by Sultan’s families. Fortunately, it is allowed to use for common people now. 

Tujuh Rupa pattern

It comes from Pekalongan which is famous as center of batik since there are lots of batik makers here. There are lots of elegant and beautiful batik pattern is made here. The characteristic of Pekalongan batik is it is dominated with plants and animals pattern. It is very beautiful when combined with plain colored clothes. 

Kawung pattern

It is considered as one of the oldest batik patterns in Indonesia. Long ago, this pattern is only used by king and his wives. Kawung pattern is round shaped pattern like Kawung fruit which neatly arranged geometrically. On the other form, Kawung pattern can be represented as lotus with its 4 blooming petals. Lotus symbolizes the long lasting life and purity.

Solo pattern

As its name, it is originated from Solo, Central Java. The characteristic of Solo batik pattern or usually called sogan pattern is the brownish pattern color. It also applies traditional concept by using only natural dye materials. The Solo pattern has philosophies of Bengawan River waves that brought serenity.

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