Looks More Fashionable with Batik

Batik is something inseparable from Indonesian people even since long ago. Indonesia has many batik motifs from various regions, one of which Batik Bali. Currently the use of batik is not only limited to formal events, but batik has also been used for casual events. There are various motifs with the good quality make batik as an attractive clothing to wear. In fact, batik is increasingly popular with the creation of various models of modern batik by many designers.

Creative ideas for more stylish batik clothes

Batik has interesting motifs with different styles. In general, batik is only used is various formal events with almost similar models. However, along with the changes of the times, batik can be the right choice to wear in daily activities such as working and attending formal events and certainly with the modern models. Batik cloth can be created into many good models and simple batik dresses can be an easy choice. As an outer, batik vests to batik coats is the right decision to design batik cloth. Want a different model, making clothes designs with off shoulder models will give more feminime impression. Basically, batik cloth can be adapted to the latest models or events that will be attended.

How to choose good quality batik?

It is important to be able to determine batik with good quality to be used for a long time. Batik Bali has good quality with a variety of motives and diverse models. Batik is made with various types such as writing and stamp or a combination of both. Among the various types of batik, printed batik has a better quality because the manufacturing process requires a long time that allows batik motifs will last long. Then make sure the colors on both sides of batik have the same printed colors that indicates batik has good quality. Finally, choose batik with a comfortable fabric model. Cotton-based batik can provide comfort because it absorbs oil.

Reasons for choosing batik as clothing

Batik has complete motifs ranging from floral motifs, animals, natural beauty, various plants and others. In various regions in Indonesia, batik is a clothing that must be worn for formal events even for work. Furthermore, some regions in Indonesia have batik with unique characteristics from each of its motifs, such as buketan motif which is one of Batik Bali motifs. Batik designs are also increasingly diverse starting from models to motifs. Therefore, batik can be chosen as clothing to be used on various occasions.

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