Meaning of Batik Bali Motifs

Bali is an island on the east of Java Island with a variety of batik motifs like Java batik. According to history, Batik Bali started in 1970 by Pande Ketut Krisna with bronze cap and a manual looming tool. Batik Bali is related to the religious traditions or ceremonies in Bali culture. Bali motifs have their own meaning behind it. And today, we will discuss those hidden meaning around Batik Bali motifs.

The motif of Batik Bali Buketan is a bouquet of flowers, and the buketan word itself came from French. The motif of this batik is flowers or small plants that arranged all over the fabric. As some additions, they also draw some butterflies, hong birds, and cranes to add more aesthetic values.

Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai is a motif that indicates free expressing in the art of abstract motif, which is hard to understand. Merak Abyorhokokai illustrate the beauty of peacock as the main shaft style of the fabric. Japanese culture is the main influence of this motif. Because you can see petals of sakura flowers.

Batik Bali Ulamsari Mas is the main symbol of Bali people who work as fishermen. This motif means the peace and prosperity of people who lived in a coastal area. This motif also illustrates the beauty and richness of sea nature, such as fish and shrimp.

Batik Bali Singa Barong is a motif that illustrates a miracle in the lion’s form. Barong Lion is a fusion of lion or tiger, garuda, elephant, and dragon. Barong word is very well-known in Java and Bali as a phantasm creature in local mythology. This fusion of four creatures means power and might.

Batik Bali Penari is very identical to the Bali dancers. Many traditional Bali dances purposed in rituals, culture, ceremonies, and receptions. A lot of batik artists promote their batik pattern works from dances. This motif means a dancer demonstrates one of Bali’s traditional dances. Mostly dancers are females. 

Batik Bali Pisan took their pattern from sculptures of stones or woods of Java temples from the 9th century. This batik usually meant for a loving couple who one of them are going to travel far away, which means this batik meaning is for hopes, prays, and safety.

There still a lot of batik in Indonesia, and every single one of them has its own meaning. We should learn about the meaning which probably we can know the meaning of our existence too.

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