Methods of Batik Making

Batik is a traditional and unique cloth from Indonesia. It is not just considered as cloth but also a piece of art. Even, UNESCO sets batik as Masteroiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Batik comes from amba and tik which is Javanese for writing dot or art of making dot. It means batik is actually a method of cloth making, but the methods of making batik itself vary. Methods of batik making can determine the personality and identity of batik itself. Below are the common methods of making batik.

Handmade batik

Handmade batik or batik tulis in Bahasa is the most artistic batik among all. Every pattern of handmade batik is unique, which means it is impossible to find two handmade batiks with same pattern. Maybe it is similar, but not exactly the same. It is possible because batik tulis is handmade and 100% using canting, a tool to make batik. Even if the pattern is repetitive, it will be fully handmade. It is the most expensive kind of batik since it needs high concentration and focus to make handmade batik. But even the maker already focuses and careful, mistakes are unavoidable. But these mistakes that make handmade batik more artistic and precious since every handmade batik have its own “exclusive” mistakes. The making of  a piece of handmade batik can take 2 weeks until 2 years. The price is ranged from IDR 600K until hundred millions. 

Stamped batik

As its name suggests, this kind of batik is made by stamping. With the increasing of batik demand, batik makers look for ways to make batik faster. Then the stamped batik is created, where patterned iron or bronze is used to wax on the cloth. Usually, the stamped batik has repetitive and not complicated patterns. Even if it is not complicated, the quality of stamped batik is good. It still uses wax so it still considered as authentic batik. As for the price, it is much lower from handmade batik in around IDR 300000.

Painted batik

This kind of batik is not using wax, so canting is not used. It is painted using brushes and oil paints. Just like painting on canvas, painted batik is becoming art works and has its own unique. But it is not considered as authentic batik because it is not using wax. It is rarely found but the price is quite expensive, ranged from IDR 300000 to 1000000. It is more free and modern since painted batik is not fixated on traditional batik values, just like paintings.

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