Souvenirs are mandatory to buy especially when you are in Denpasar. Denpasar is one of the cities on the island of Bali that is most often visited by tourists. In Denpasar, you can find various kinds of tourists from various countries. There are also lots of souvenirs that you can buy to take home. Here are the hits souvenirs Denpasar in 2019.

1. Pie Susu or Egg Tart

Pie Susu or Egg Tart is a typical food originating from Bali. Pie Susu is a cake made from flour and contains custard eggs. Pie Susu or Egg Tart is made by baking. At first, Pie Susu was introduced from Hong Kong by Tengs Cha Chaan in 1940. In Portugal, this Egg Tart is known as Pastel De Nata which was made by Catholic nuns at Jeronimos Monastery 200 years ago. Meanwhile, Pie Susu or Egg Tart in Bali is the result of a combination of the two countries. Pie Susu in Bali has a lot of flavors such as chocolate, matcha, cheese, peanuts, and strawberries. 

2. Batik

Batik Denpasar is a souvenir that is most sought after by tourists. Batik Denpasar has distinctive characteristics that are different from other batiks, such as the motif which is the result of a combination of domestic and abroad cultures. In addition, this batik also has traditional and modern motifs combined. Batik Denpasar is also heavier because it uses special Mori cloth. The aroma issued by batik is derived from natural ingredients used. In addition, Denpasar batik is also very well known for its motifs which are the inspiration of the Gods. There are many types of Denpasar batik such as Buketan Balinese Batik, Singa Barong Balinese Batik, Abyorhokokai Peacock Batik, Ulamsari Mas Balinese Batik, and Pisan Balinese Batik. Each batik motif has a different meaning.

3. Mask Wood Carving

Besides being famous as a tour, Bali is also very well known for its carvings. Therefore, many carvings are sold as souvenirs such as carving masks. Carved wooden masks are the best-selling carvings in Bali. Carved masks that are usually made are Barong shaped. This figure is very unique because Barong is a mythical creature that is believed to be the protector of Balinese society.

Bali has a lot of interesting and unique items that are very suitable to be used as souvenirs. Above is an example of the best-selling souvenirs Denpasar in 2019. You can buy these souvenirs in various downtown Denpasar starting from the cheapest price to the most expensive price.

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