The Feature of Batik Bali

It is widely known that Indonesia is the country of Batik. You will not find just one kind of Batik in Indonesia. Instead, you will find that there are many kinds of Batik depends on the area. There are Batik Semarang, Batik Solo, Batik Jogja, Batik Pekalongan, Batik Betawi, Batik Malang, Batik Bali, and many more.

Each of them has its own features. You will not find any similarity between all of those Batik motifs. There is a meaning behind each motif of Batik. The story behind the motif and how the Batik was made is what made Batik is so precious for Indonesian people. 

About Batik from Bali

As we have said before, each Batik Indonesia has its own uniqueness, including Batik Bali. For your information, Bali is the home of the Batik industry. Almost all of the Balinese people produce Batik that has motifs of Bali. The motif itself is not only from Bali but also influenced by other areas outside Bali and also influenced by China.

One of the most popular Batik motifs is the handmade Batik or Batik Tulis. The process of Batik Tulis is known as art. The Batik is made of tons of arts which are inscribed on the cloth. Therefore, it produced magnificence handwork that has top quality.

The artist of Batik Tulis will be free to express their feelings in Batik. They can inscribe the culture of Bali or they can also inscribe the beauty of nature in Bali such as frangipani flowers, hibiscus, fish, and birds. As for the culture, the artists usually inscribe cultural activities such as ngaben, singa bersayap, barong, kala or any activities related to religion. These motifs are what make the tourists fall in love with Batik from Bali.

The Special Features

There are quite many special features that you need to know. Let’s take a look at the list down below, shall we?

  • The size of the accent which inscribed on the Batik cloth is not similar because it is a handwork
  • The weight of the cloth is heavier because it uses a Mori cloth
  • The motif of the Batik is a merge between traditional and modern motifs
  • The scent of Batik cloth can be distinguished because it is made of the natural coloring agent
  • The motif or the pattern is always asymmetries even though it has the same shape
  • The motif of Batik Bali tells about the story of gods and culture of Bali
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