Bali is an island that is very famous for its beautiful natural attractions. In addition, Bali is also known for its batik. Usually, tourists buy Balinese Batik to be used as souvenirs. Bali Batik has many types. As for the types such as the Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai, Batik Bali Singa Barong, Bali Batik Ulamsari Mas, and the most famous Batik Bali is Bali Batik Buketan.

The Motif of Batik Bali Buketan

Batik Bali Buketan is one of the most popular types of Bali Batik. The Batik Bali Buketan motif is the result of a combination of the islands of Bali and France. It can be seen from the name Buketan which comes from the word “Bouquet”. The word comes from French. Therefore, the Bali Batik Buketan motif is a floral and small plant motif. In addition, Batik Bali Buketan also has bird and butterfly motifs that serve to add beauty and aesthetic value to this Batik. Bird motifs that are usually added to Batik Bali Buketan are like Hong birds and Storks. Meanwhile, the floral motifs and motifs of small plants that are described are like plants that grow in France. The motifs are described and arranged along the width of the fabric.

The History of Batik Buketan Motifs

The Buketan Batik motif began around 1840. The motif was first introduced by Caroline Josephine Van Franquemont and Catherina Carolina Van Oosterom. Initially, Dutch Batik did not describe the floral motifs. These floral motifs began to emerge with time. Since then, Dutch Batik began to be depicted with floral patterns and bright colors combined. The Buketan motif was first produced by Cristina Van Zuylen who is a Dutch batik entrepreneur in Pekalongan. Batik created by Cristina Van Zuylen and Lies Van Zuylen is the most famous Buketan Batik. Besides being influenced by the Dutch, Batik Buketan was also influenced by Chinese entrepreneurs named Lock Tjan, Oey-Soen-Tjoen, and also Tan-Ting-Hu. Batik by the three Chinese entrepreneurs began to be produced in 1925. Batik with Buketan motifs began to develop in the coastal areas of Java in the 19th century. This influence from China also gives additional artistic value to Batik Buketan. Therefore, Batik Buketan has not changed and is left as it is.

At the moment, the most famous batik with Buketan motifs comes from Bali. Therefore, Batik Bali Buketan is the most sought-after Bali souvenirs by tourists when visiting there.

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