Where to Learn Batik in Bali?

Are you interested in Batik and wonder how to make it? If by chance you will go on holiday to Bali, you can take a vacation and increase your skills in making Batik. Isn’t it very interesting? If you want to learn how to make Batik in Bali, then you can go to the Batik Class of Phalam Batik & souvenirs. What do you need to know? Check this out.

Handmade There are several kinds of techniques for Batik. There are two techniques that are often encountered. The first is Batik Tulis (Written Batik) and the second is Batik Cap (Stamped Batik). The most traditional type is Written Batik that you will learn in Phalam Batik & souvenirs. Stamped Batik usually applied to make Batik on a larger scale. Written Batik means that it is handmade which you can decorate yourself. You will learn about Batik Bali or Batik Denpasar.

Duration The duration of the class will be from one until two hours. Don’t worry if you have never learned to make Batik before, isn’t this class made for learning? This class will teach you from the basic level to the advanced stages as you wish.

Introduction Before learning to make Batik, you will have a broad horizon by watching a short animated video about the history of Batik. You will also be introduced to tools and materials for making Batik.

The Techniques Since you will make Written Batik, the technique will use canting which is the tool to paint Batik and it is like Batik’s “pen” and brush. You will also learn the technique of hand-coloring and dip dyeing. How to dip it will also be taught, as well as the wax removal. There will be friendly experts who will immediately help you to learn it.

Great Atmosphere The atmosphere will make your study more relaxed and enjoyable. One of the things that make this place interesting is the interesting paintings on the wall. You can explore them and just take a look at it. Maybe you will get an inspiration about the design?

Making a handmade Batik is indeed more difficult than other techniques, but the quality is the best. In the home production, the production can be one to three months, but in batik class, you will paint on a 40×40 cm piece of cotton, so it will not take a too long time. The longer, the color of written Batik will be brighter, not fading. You will have fun learning while making Batik. So, sharpen your creativity and chill. 

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