Batik Bali

Batik is one of the most well-known Indonesian cultural heritages in the world. Indonesian is proudly using it, they wear Batik in most of the formal occasions and places such as state meeting, school, office, weddings, and other government-related events. Because batik is spread all around Indonesia, it’s motif and color are different from one region to another region. Every motif has its characteristic which has meaning behind it.

Batik Bali is first introduced in 1970. People in Bali have a great belief in Hindu, most of them are Hidunese. This fact influences the motif of Batik Bali, their batik’s pattern more into the depiction of their religious life and heavenly gods. But now, their batik is evolving, they also put other region motifs and combine it without losing their core point. The variation of Batik Bali now is wider not only based on the motif but also based on the quality. There are also premium batik which is expensive but can meet the qualifications to be the premium batik.

The technique of making batik motif is different. The pattern of Batik Bali is drawn and sketch manually using natural resources. This makes the price is quite high. The process of making batik is a bit complicated. It is started with drawing a pattern using a pencil on a piece of white fabric, then painting it using wax following the existing pattern. The next step is to put wax in the white area then color it. After that, the fabric is a dip in the hot water to remove the wax. This process is done repeatedly based on color variation.

There are five main motifs in Batik Bali. The first motif is Batik Bali Buketan. This motif illustrates plants, flowers, butterflies and birds. The second pattern is the Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai. The name is not familiar even for the Indonesian ear. Abyor Hokokai is a type of peacock. This peacock represents the beauty of the island created by God. The third motif is Batik Bali Jagatan Pisang. This motif means hope, safety, and courage. People in Bali believe that when you give this batik to your significant other while they are traveling, they will come back to you safely. The fourth motif is Batik Bali Singa Barong. This is the most unique pattern because it shows the picture of the mythical creature called Barong. It symbolizes strength, willingness, and miracle. The last motif is Batik Bali Ulamsari Mas. This is the famous one. This motif shows the picture of fish and shrimp that represents welfare and prosperity for the Balinese lives in the coastline area.

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