Batik Class in Bali

UNESCO on 2 October 2009 confirms that batik is rewarded as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. When you look at the pattern of batik, you might think about how complicated is the pattern. Then you start wondering how hard it is for the batik artist drawing the motif. Batik can be made by sketching the pattern using canting and printing the pattern with copper stamp then copy it in the fabric.

The remarkable art called batik attracts world attention to visit Indonesia. They want to get closer and find out how batik is made. Usually, in a tourist destination like Bali, there are lots of services called Batik Class. It is a batik making class that teaches you the most basic technique in making batik. Usually, it only takes 2 to 3 hours short course to tell you the entire process, so it is not time-consuming. You can still enjoy your holiday by visiting natural and cultural places.

The batik class is available in a group or individuals. The course provided is different, depending on where you take the class. The tutor is an experienced one and can speak English, so you will get to understand easily. Most of the tutor is pure Balinese, so they can also tell you the culture of Bali. As we know that Indonesian is known for its hospitality and friendliness, and so is Balinese. 

Aside from batik Bali class, they also offer other classes such as Balinese dance, palm weave, wood, and food carving, silver jewelry making, and egg painting. Same as batik class, it is also in a short time. So you can choose any classes based on your interest. There are lots of institutions propose those classes. It is not only in Denpasar but also in Ubud, Kuta, and other regions in Bali.

 To be able to join the courses, you can sign up online or come directly to the institution. But to make it easier and more efficient, you can reach the institution while you are still in your country. You can contact them, ask the details of the class, find out the location of the institution and book for classes. Some websites you can visit are Deking Bali Art Class, WS Art Studio, Nyoman Warta Batik Class, Widya’s Batik Studio, Nirvana Batik Course, Five Art Studio, and Agung Rai Museum of Art.

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