Special Value From Batik Bali

Indonesia has various cultural heritages, one of which is batik. Even batik has been given an award by UNESCO as the world heritage of Indonesia. In addition, Indonesia has a variety of regions that have different patterns of batik motifs. Bali also has batik with diverse and distinctive motifs. It is not surprising many tourists make batik as Bali souvenirs when they return on vacation from Bali. Then, what makes Bali batik so special.

Characteristic of Bali Batik

Bali Batik has a number of different characteristics from batik motifs in other regions. Bali Batik motifs are very diverse, including innovation batik which is a combination of various region and Chinese motifs. Bali Batik cloth has been famous in various places because of the good quality of batik. This is also a result of the rapid growth of the batik industry in Bali and batik artists in Bali also continue to develop Bali Batik motifs with their creativity. Some characteristics of Bali Batik are:

1. If the fabric is held, the weight of the cloth used for Bali Batik is heavier.

2. Bali Batik has a distinctive fabric aroma. This is because the batik artists only use natural dyes

3. Each motif on the Bali Batik has a different magnitude on each picture. This is a prominent feature of Bali Batik.

4. Bali is a city of culture , so its motives also tell about culture

The artistic value that is owned by Bali Batik

Bali Batik has a feature which makes this batik has its own characteristics. In Bali Batik the design shows a person’s social status. Then, Bali Batik was drawn by royal court servants for centuries using wax pattern techniques on fine woven cotton applied as a form of meditation in Central Java and Bali. This is what causes traditional written batik made specifically by women. With the increasing variety of Bali Batik motifs, making Bali Batik desirable by various tourists as Bali Souvenirs.

Another speciality of Bali Batik 

Aside having special features of Balinese art, Bali Batik also has other features. Basically, batik in Bali is made in several ways, there are writing, stamp and the combination of the two techniques. In general, the patterns and motifs of Batik Bali illustrate the stories of gods, natural beauty and object around the environment. Bali Batik artists always innovate, one of which is to adjust batik motifs to be more varied with the latest batik models that are much favored by tourists. There are many batik sold as Bali Souvenirs with the best quality.

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