What to Buy as Souvenirs When You Visit Bali

According to TripAdvisor, the biggest traveling website that gives us many recommendations, review, information and anything related to traveling, Bali is one of the top ten Traveler’s Choice Destinations in the world. Bali can compete with other beautiful tourist destinations such as Barcelona, Rome, London, Paris, Crete, Prague, New York City, Siem Reap and Phuket. It is recognized as it’s marvelous natural attractions and cultural experience it is provided to the tourists. Enjoying the holiday in Bali is not enough without buying a souvenir for the family, colleague or neighbor. Usually, the tourist destination offers multiple places to find souvenirs related to the place itself. We will give you some recommendations for a memorable Bali souvenirs.

  • Batik Bali

It is one of the famous and highly developed art forms in Indonesia. Mostly, every area in Indonesia has its motif of batik. The color and pattern are influenced by the culture around it. You can also find Batik in Bali which is called Batik Bali. There is a lot of variation in the Batik Bali pattern. All the batik is handmade and put the ethic detail in every draw they put in the motif. You will never find the most authentic souvenir aside from Batik Bali.

  • Milk Pie (Pie Susu)

Pie susu is the most well-known food for Bali souvenirs. This pie can be found everywhere in Bali, it is available in the souvenir shop or traditional market. It is very delicious, where it has the crunchy crust and thick, sweet, soft, creamy filling in the corner of it. Nowadays, it has been modified with any flavor for it’s filling, you can choose your favorite. But don’t forget you have to buy the original one, the most authentic milk pie in Bali.

  • Balinese Gamelan Instrument

Aside from Batik Bali, another artistic souvenir is Gamelan Bali. If batik is the motif usually used for clothing and other useful fabric, gamelan Bali is the traditional music instrument. Gamelan in Indonesia is like a percussion instrument but there is a cultural background involved in it. The most prominent gamelan is Javanese, Sundanese dan Balinese gamelan.

  • Kintamani Coffee

For coffee lovers, you have to taste Kintamani coffee. This specific bean is from Kintamani, it is located in northeast Bali. The flavor is unique and different from any other coffee around the world. It is because of the place where it is planted. Kintamani has volcanic soil and a mixture of cold and dry climate.

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