4 Recommended Batik Bali Motifs and The Meaning

Batik is the Indonesian cultural heritage that is very famous overseas. Today, batik is the main choice for attending formal agendas. Batik is famously coming from Java. But, you can find it in Bali. It is called Batik Bali being your Bali souvenirs when you have a holiday there. It is different from the Javanese batik with its unique motifs. 

Batik Bali Ulamsari Mas

The first motif is Ulamsari Mas. This motif is the most famous one of Batik Bali. The motif of this batik shows the image of fish and shrimp representing the occupations of Balinese people, sailors, and fishermen. The batik motif of Ulamsari Mas is meant to be the Balinese people’s prosperity and welfare living in the coastal area in Bali. 

Batik Pisan Bali 

The next motif of Batik Bali is called Batik Pisan Bali in which it is commonly known to be Bali’s banana motif. This batik motif is very suitable for the people having a couple of boyfriends. Why could it be? It is caused that this batik is often to be a gift to a couple who wants to go. It has a meaning in which your couple is coming back safely. It is a pray, security, and expectation. You can buy this batik for Bali souvenirs or souvenirs Denpasar to your sweetheart. 

Batik Bali Buketan 

What else is another batik Bali motif? You can prefer Bali Buketan. Batik Bali is flexible where it gets positive influences from the outside. Batik Bali gets a French influence. Batik Bali Buketan is from French meaning to be a series of flowers in which it is dominated by flowers and plants. Sometimes, you will find bird or butterfly motifs to be small accessories of the Batik Bali. If you get interested in learning about making batik Bali, you can come to its batik class. 

Batik Bali Abyorhokokai’s Peacock

From its name, this batik Bali motif is rather difficult and strange on your ears. However, it is famous in Indonesia and it is related to Indonesian culture, peacock. This motif represents the beauty of a peacock. It means that it is related to the beauty of Bali island. An interesting fact of this motif is inspired by the Japanese motif. To get those motifs, you should buy batik Bali. Some souvenir stores sell batik Bali with those motifs. You can select the trusted one to get the best batik Bali. 

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