Tips to Select Batik Bali as Bali Souvenirs Correctly

Batik Bali has been easily found in the craft and souvenir stores selling various batik cloth or fabric. If you want to buy it, you should recognize its quality and motifs. Those are helpful to buy the best batik Bali as souvenirs when you have a holiday in Bali. It doesn’t make everyone regretful. These are some ways of selecting batik Bali correctly. 

Knowing the Accents of Batik Bali 

Accents in every batik Bali theme is symmetric. It has been a common thing that the balance of the batik Bali pattern can increase the essence of its batik cloth. However, batik Bali is different. Though the pattern tends to be the same but the design of each motif is not always the same or asymmetric. It has a part formed bigger or smaller than the other motifs. It becomes the main sign of Batik Bali. To know it more, you can come to the batik class and get an explanation of the batik Bali details. 

Having a Heavier Cloth 

The next feature is recognizing that the used cloth to make Batik Bali is heavier than the common batik cloth. The cloth is different from each other so that it becomes a thing differentiating it. You can compare it to the Javanese batik cloth and find the best one. You can bring batik Bali to be Bali Souvenirs while visiting Bali. 

Considering the Motifs of Batik Bali 

Motifs on the batik Bali have the same patterns but it is not always asymmetric. It has a bigger or smaller part. An original batik Bali is different from the other. It is a typical aroma. The aroma is from the natural coloring materials of the making process for the batik Bali. It is from wooden peel and the other materials so that it is safe for your environment. 

Selecting the Right Batik Bali Store

Bali has some designs of batik. It has original patterns so that it makes everyone confused about selecting the best one. The price of batik Bali is varied depending on its quality and stores selling it. You should select the recommended souvenir and batik Bali stores providing high-end batik cloth for your Denpasar souvenirs. You may detect the quality by touching it directly and identify the details of Batik Bali. It is getting the right motif of batik Bali. It is better to select a store offering an online website displaying the products of batik so that you can scroll down and up for finding the best one. 

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