Fashion Lovers Should Buy Batik Bali When in Bali

Fashion lovers, especially those who enjoy collecting ethnic garments, will find Batik Bali or Balinese batik a worthy collectible due to all the features that it offers. Together with other exotic Balinese fabrics, batik has become one of the most favored Bali souvenirs whose popularity reaches every corner of the world. What makes Balinese batik a worth-purchasing souvenir? Where can you buy it? Can you make it yourself? Here we will explore all possible answers to those questions.

What makes Balinese batik a merchandisable souvenir?

There is one good reason why shopping for Balinese batik should be a part of your traveling plan to Bali, especially if you are a fashion lover: Bali has many exotic fabrics and batik is one of them. 

If you love collecting ethnic fabrics, Bali is an excellent destination. There is a selection of traditional Balinese fabrics whose beauty and fame have been prevailing for centuries. The most ubiquitous garment is the Poleng fabric, which is recognized by its black and white checkerboard pattern. Other exotic fabrics that are unique to Bali include Gringsing, Kling, Gedongan, Cepuk, Endek, and Songket. Although Batik Bali is considered a newcomer because it was virtually absent before the 1970s, it quickly becomes popular due to the popularity of Bali itself and because batik is always associated with Indonesia. Anyone who wants to buy something that clearly represents Indonesia and Bali will find batik a worth-purchasing souvenir.

Where can you buy it?

Balinese batik is one of the most ubiquitous Bali souvenirs. Right after you reach Denpasar, finding batik Denpasar shops should be easy.  You will immediately find them when you are in the city’s department stores, malls, and shopping centers. You can also use the internet to search for ones. Any souvenir shops that sell souvenirs Denpasar mostly include batik in their collection. If you prefer to buy batik from its maker, you can buy the garment directly from a studio, where batik artisans make it using the traditional method of hand-painting with wax. Speaking about the studio, it is also a perfect place to visit if you want to learn to make batik yourself. And this could be the answer to the next question.

Can you make batik yourself?

Yes, you can. Some batik studios also open a batik class for tourists who want to practice making batik. For fashion lovers, joining this class can be a valuable experience. There are some unique elements of the batik-making procedure that make batik making a truly exciting experience. 

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