Where to Buy Good Batik?

There are so many places that sell batik itself. Especially if you are in the tourism areas such as Bali and Yogyakarta. They will surely offer you some of the batik items that they sell, either Bali batik or Yogyakarta batik. When you are confused to buy or to know the quality, whether it is a nice one or not, suit the price or not or even when you want to know the real process to make the original batik items so you aren’t feeling deceive to the fake low-quality one. Because, you know, there are so many low-quality batiks out there. Some even try to say that it is the original batik tulis (handmade drawing batik) otherwise they are not. Especially if you are new to this and don’t really know much about Indonesian batik.

Here are some tips to get your original great batik.

See the Reviews First

Before coming to the shops or buy your items online, make sure you see the reviews first. It is important to know your shop to go based on their customer opinion. Is it a recommended place? Are the products worthy? Is the location close to your place? Are the places are good enough to be visited? And of course if the materials great as well.

Knowing the Shop

Of course, it is recommended if you are not in a hurry mode. But to spare the time to go to the shops are really recommended ones. You can pick so many types and feels the materials they use. You will know what the best fabrics for each batik clothes and there are varieties of them.

Knowing the Production Place

It is really best for you to know the production processof your batik items. You are also going to learn how to make the famous and traditional batik, learn the history behind its patterns. There are plenty of production places out there that you can learn from. They usually open the batik class as well for anyone who wants to learn to make their own batik.

Go Online Shopping

When you have no time to go to the shops, just open the sites and let yourself see the products they have. You can search for their websites or even social media. Now we are living in a digital era and you can ask for the information wherever whenever you want. Then just add to your trolley and pay it online. Usually, they have their own cash on delivery too if you want it faster and don’t want to get disappointed by the materials. But of course, I prefer you to go to their offline shops because you can know the available items there and sometimes they don’t update their products.

Have your fun batik shopping!

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