Batik is one of the most well-known arts in Indonesia. At this time, batik is not just a cloth shawl. Batik began to develop into many forms such as clothes, skirts, pants, dresses, tablecloths, shoes, and others. Besides that, Batik is also often used during formal and casual events. In ancient times, batik can only be made with a written process. Along with the development of the era, batik is now made with 2 processes, namely handmade batik, and printed batik. Here are the differences between handmade batik and printed batik.


A handmade batik is a process of making batik whose motifs or patterns are painted using a manual process. This process is the process of making batik for the first time. A handmade batik has characteristics such as the one motif and other motifs look very different. The size of each motif is also not the same. It is because this batik is made by a manual process. While other additional motifs look more dense, neat, and also not rigid. The color of the motif between the front and back of fabric looks the same because a handmade batik is made using wax so that the color can penetrate on the two sides of the fabric. The colors used in this process come from natural materials such as Teger bark for yellow, Tom leaves and roots for blue, Tingi bark for black, and Jambal wood for brown. In addition, the aroma that smells on the batik fabric of this process is very specific. The aromas that smell are also very distinctive that is the aroma that comes from the natural ingredients used. In general, the fabric used in this process measures about 2 x 1.25 meters. This process is very complicated and requires a long time. Therefore, the price of a handmade batik is very expensive.


Printed batik is batik made by the printing process. This batik can also be made in 2 ways, manually or by a screen printing machine. In contrast to handmade batik, printed batik motifs look very neat and symmetrical, between one motif with another looking the same. The colors on batik are brighter because they use chemical dyes. Therefore, in general, printed batik has more colors than handmade batik. Unfortunately, the colors on this batik fade faster. Printed batik does not have a specific aroma because the materials used are not natural. Making printed batik is easy and the time required is very fast. It makes the price of printed batik cheaper.

Those are the differences between handmade batik and batik printed. You can distinguish which batik is the result of handmade and which batik is printed. If you are curious about the two processes of making batik, you can follow the batik class that you can find in various regions.

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