The development of batik in various regions is certainly different, as is the case in Bali. Batik in Bali began in 1970 and was pioneered by Pande Ketut Krisna. When it first appeared, a handmade batik was very well known by many people. Over time, printed batik also began to emerge in Bali. The Balinese often use batik during traditional ceremonies or religious rituals. This makes the development of batik in Bali very fast and also rapid. Most batik Bali motifs describe the beauty of nature. This is because the making of batik Bali motifs is inspired by the beauty of nature and culture in Bali. These motifs are what make batik Bali a favorite of visitors because it has very high artistic value. The natural beauty that is usually described on this batik cloth are motifs in the form of plants, flowers, and also various types of animals. Meanwhile, the cultural elements that usually enter into batik are like the image of Balinese dancers and also Barong. The batik Bali motif also depicts the religious ceremonies there such as the Ngaben ceremony. This batik Bali usually has a free nature. The craftsmen are free to pour all their creativity when making batik Bali and they also paint this batik from various perspectives.

The Characteristics of Batik Bali

Each region must have the characteristics of each batik. Like batik in Bali certainly, have characteristics that are very different from other batiks. Here are the characteristics of Balinese batik:

1. Mori cloth used to make Balinese batik is usually heavier than other batiks.

2. Batik Bali produces unique aromas derived from its natural manufacturing ingredients.

3. Each motif described has a different size and is not symmetrical, given the free nature of batik so that the craftsmen are free to express their creativity.

4. Batik Bali motifs are usually the result of a blend of Balinese culture and also outside culture. Besides, the combination of traditional and modern motifs is also one of the characteristics of batik Bali.

The Various Motifs of Batik Bali

Batik Bali has various types of motifs. The most sought after batik Bali motifs such as:

1. Batik Bali Ulamsari Mas

2. Batik Bali Singa Barong

3. Batik Bali Pisan

4. Batik Bali Buketan

5. Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai

Each of the batik motifs above has different meanings and meanings. High-quality batik Bali usually shows social status in the community. Batik Bali is made with various techniques, namely handmade batik, printed batik, stamp batik, or a combination of the 2 techniques.

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