What You Need to Know About Batik Bali

Whether or not you have visited Indonesia, you must have heard about Batik from Indonesia. As we all know, Indonesia is famously known for its Batik. Batik is used by almost all of the people in Indonesia. Each of the cities in Indonesia has its own kind of Batik. For example, Batik Pekalongan, Batik Solo, Batik Betawi, Batik Lasem, Batik Bali or Batik Denpasar, and many more.

Usually, people use Batik for formal activities such as wedding ceremonies, works, cultural activities, and many more. Speaking about Batik, we are now going to talk about Batik from Bali or known as Batik from Denpasar. Most people only know Batik from Java Island, but what about Batik from Bali? Let’s check it out, shall we?

Besides having so many kinds of Batik, the motif of Batik is different from each other. Each motif has its own story. Therefore, we will give you the meaning behind the top three Batik motifs in Bali.

Batik Bali Ulamsari Mas

The first Batik motif of Batik Denpasar is Bali Ulamsari Mas. This motif is one of the most famous Batiks in Bali. The motif shows the art of fish and shrimp which represent the livelihood of people in Bali, which is fishermen. The motif also means the welfare and prosperity of the people that live in the coastal area.

Batik Pisan Bali or Jagatan Pisang

If Batik Bali Ulam Sari Mas represents the livelihood of the people in Bali, Batik Pisan Bali or Jagatan Pisang is suitable for those who have partners or lovers or spouses. The reason is that this Batik Pisan Bali or Jagatan Pisang is often used as a gift for a couple who will be traveling. This is done so that the couple will be back home safely. With that being said, the motif of this Batik Pisan Bali or Jagatan Pisang has a meaning of hope, pray, and safety.

Batik Bali Buketan

The motif of Batik is not always about Indonesia. In fact, the motif of Batik can also be influenced by the culture of other countries such as Batik Bali Buketan. This Batik Bali Buketan is influenced by France. The name Buketan of this Batik is derived from French that is Bouquet which means flower arrangements. Just like the name, the motif of this Batik Denpasar is about flowers and plants. There are also birds and butterflies motifs in the Batik.

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